Should I oil my scalp if I have Locs?

Should I oil my scalp if I have Locs?

January 13, 2022


Should I oil my scalp if I have Locs?

Well, I never thought the importance of my scalp would affect my loc journey.  I would look at other people locs and wonder why my hair is not as long, healthy and thick. It was just before thanksgiving holiday, I was washing my hair and preparing for my hair stylist to retwist when suddenly she noticed that my hair follicles were bleeding. Immediately, my hairstylist question whether or not I was oiling my scalp. By the sound of her tone, I was too afraid to tell her the truth so, I confidently lied in my defense voice and said yes.

It was in that moment with my hairstylist. explaining what I needed to do to care for my scalp that I realized my hair care needs to be deeper than a cute loc style So if you are not sure where to start, let me share what helped me get back on track to a healthy scalp and locs. All it took was a little TLC, some quality products and proper maintenance to whip my locs into great shape.


  1. Preserve your locs by keeping them healthy and happy with natural oils.

Use natural oils to keep your locs and scalp moisturized and healthy. Oils like coconut, Moringa, Rosemary will protect your locs from getting too dry, and tea tree oil will help clean hair with its antifungal properties. Jamaican black castor oils will keep your scalp moisturized and healthy enabling you to grow longer, stronger locs.

2.Use a satin scarf or bonnet to wrap your loc at night.

Your locs are strong, but they are still prone to breakage and damage from friction. By wrapping your locs in a silk or satin covering will protect and prevent breakage during the night.

3. The moment you are ready to wash your hair (Do not over-wash your locs)

While locs are more prone to odors and buildup than loose hair, over-washing can dry out your scalp which can lead to flaking, itchiness, breakage, and thinning locks. We recommend washing your locs at least once every 1-2 weeks. But keep in mind if you have starter locs, we recommend to not wash until they have matured.

Quality Products

  1. Black Soap Shampoo This shampoo is vegan, alcohol Free and color safe. Cuts through all the grease, oil, and most importantly, built-up products sitting on your strands without stripping your hair.
  2. Mama Green Thumb – Hemp Oil Growth This growth oil improves blood circulation on the scalp, which ensures that the hair follicles are nourished enough to support hair growth.
  3. Natty Dread & Scalp Nourishment a combination of oils working to restoring shine while deeply moisturizes and conditioning locs and scalp. Infused your locs with nutrients from the Moringa Tree that helps to heal dry scalp while stimulation growth.


Since a little goes a long way, we recommend only oiling as needed once your locs begin to feel dry. Always run your fingertips with the oil around the scalp and then use what is left up and down your loc shaft.

Usually locs, like all protective styles, help protect your hair from environmental stressors. The only way locs styles will ruin hair, is if you do not dry them property or retwist your loc too often. As long as you invest in the right natural hair care products and properly maintain your locs, any type of loc-styling will result in healthy scalp and locs.

Protective hairstyles naturally need a boost of hydration. Learn one of the best ways to provide your hair with less stress and more care in our article Losing Hair from Stress?

Want to know more?  Let’s continue this loc journey chat



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