5 Summer Safety Tips for Locs

5 Summer Safety Tips for Locs

July 01, 2022

5 Summer Safety Tips for Locs


We all know that each season has its own set of changes. Have you ever wondered what precautions you should take when transitioning during the summer with your locs? No worries! We have you covered!

A healthy routine for your locs has always been one of our top suggestions for those interested in maintaining beautiful locs. Seasonal changes can be accompanied by changes in habits and routines. Here are five tips to keep your locs safe and shiny all summer long. 

  1. Pay attention to the changing air quality. Depending on where you live, you may experience a significant change in air quality. During the summer months, if your location is humid and wet, make sure your locs dry really well after deep cleansing to get rid of excess moisture. Due to the moisture in the air, it is probably not necessary to condition or oil your locs as frequently as you would in the winter. Even though water is nature's top moisturizer, we shouldn't forget that too much moisture can make our hair smell like mildew.
  2. Protect Your Locs from the Sun-If you live in a hot climate zone with extremely intense sun, then it's wise to cover up. Do you remember the feeling of a towel after it was hung to dry in the scorching sun? When you hold it, it almost crumbles! The point we're making here is that the sun can be too strong and dry out your locs and scalp. Although you may not want to cover up your locs every day, it is a good idea to do so when you are spending long hours in the sun. 
  3. Are you sweating more and increasing your activity levels? Summer heat inspires many of us to get in shape, start running and exercising, and to spend more time outdoors living a healthier lifestyle. If you find that you're sweating more, which well, most of us are! For this reason, you should give your locs a good shampoo and rinse more often to remove the sweat and stick. 
  4. Protecting loc styles -The most effective way to protect your scalp from the sun and keep your long locs off your neck and back while you're getting that heat on, is to wear your hair up in cute protective styles. Summer gives you a great opportunity to try out new styles while remaining cool. 
  5. Stay Hydrated - In the summer heat, your body ends up losing a lot of water as it attempts to maintain its state of homeostasis. Besides enhancing your locs, drinking water is also beneficial for your skin and overall health as well. Though we are tempted to say that summertime is the most ideal time to drink a lot of water, water is a lifesaver that we should consume in large quantities all year. The coolest part? Tap water is free everywhere!


 Keep in mind,

When the weather warms up, your hair will adapt, which means you'll have to change your routine. It's important to keep your locs moist throughout the year, but the current season might call for more shampooing and rinsing.

Let's hope these five tips help. Feel free to leave a comment or check out our other blogs relating to hair, scalp and moisture. 

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