3 Tips For Children With Super Dry Hair

3 Tips For Children With Super Dry Hair

August 31, 2021

We have gotten more than a few questions recently from moms who are dealing with children who have super dry hair. Dry hair is common for many of us with kinky textured hair and for children it can be especially worrying.

For one if your daughter or son is active and exposed to the sun and a ton of sweat you might find that their hair simply does not hold the moisture you put in. Additionally, many of our kids tend to have porous strands which mean they do not hold moisture for a long time at all. Here are 3 tips to help reverse and put a stop to dry hair

1. Keep the hair clean

Clean hair absorbs water better than strands that are covered in debris, salts oils, and product, so make it a weekly habit to cleanse her hair with a sulfate free shampoo. Any sulfate free shampoo will be enough to clean your little one’s hair but here are some of my recommended ideas.

2. Deep condition using butters

Most children do not like sitting still for a good deep conditioning session but if she has very dry hair then a 20-minute deep conditioning session is imperative.

Use a spray bottle to mist with with warm water. Put the Butter in her hair from roots to tip and cover with a plastic cap and allow her to play for a bit, the heat from the activity will warm up the Butter and her strands will thank you for it.

If your child is great about conditioning, then, by all means, sit her under a steamer or overhead dryer for a 20-minute session.

3. Seal

If your child has fine hair, use a light oil like coconut oil, grapeseed oil or olive oil. I would avoid manufactured oil mixes unless you are sure the oil mix is 100% all natural. Again check the ingredient list, make sure you do not see anything weird.

For little ones with thicker coarser hair, try a heavier oil or butter like castor oil or shea butter to seal the hair.

Hope this helps, email us or comment below with any additional questions or tips you use!


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