Can Emu Oil Help Grow My Hair?

Can Emu Oil Help Grow My Hair?

July 18, 2019

Every blog post or article that speaks about the use of Emu Oil all start off with it’s a flightless bird, scientifically named Dromaius Novaehallandiae (a word I am still trying to pronounce). This bird is now notorious in many other countries for its nutrition meat as well as a medicine healer to hair, skin and nails. But today, I want to focus on the benefits of Emu Oil and what it does to my hair. A question was asked, and you probably have asked this same question in your own mind: Can Emu Oil help my hair?

Since I cannot answer that question for every one-person(s) hair, what I can share with you is what’s inside Emu Oil that benefits my hair. Today, I will share a snippet of four things that I enjoy about Emu Oil.

  1. It’s ingredients
  2. It’s Benefits
  • The application of it on my hair
  1. My short Timeline and how I was introduced to Emu Oil


As you research about Emu Oil, the very first thing you are aware of that is it is a bird and a large one native to Australia. But as you review further in your research you see things that are important and needed for our own bodies to function. For example: rick in antioxidants & polyunsaturated fats which includes Omega 3,6,9 and Vitamin A. Compare this to one of our food pyramid chain and you will see the same necessity to improve and maintain your health such as your hair, skin and nails. So, when I say it is all in the ingredients, we have everything we need to enhance and improve our hair from the inside of good nutrients.


Emu Oil has so many benefits to it that I do not know where to begin, Since I suffer from acne, I was amazed to hear such an enormous talk about anti-inflammatory from this oil. Emu assist in the healing of certain skin conditions like, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and rashes. I was truly taken back to know one oil can sum up my skin concern as well as my hair conditions. Again, to not speak too much on skin or become an expert in one, I do not want to waste too much time on the benefits of the skin, but please do your own research on Emu oil for the skin. For now, I want to stay focus on sharing with you some of the benefits this oil can do for your hair. It is said that Emu Oil can increase fullness, a nice shine, eliminate split ends and the best one for me when I did my own research was to control dandruff. So not to steer away from talking about Emu Oil, but this is the first product I used after shampooing my hair with the 2-n-1 product that I no longer have as much dandruff and I was the dandruff queen until I realize early in my ingredients statement that it is relevant to have all the nutrients from the inside to see the works display on the outside. So yes, I enjoyed being dandruff controlled. Let’s continue pass the control of my dandruff and let me share how I started using this application well grease I love to say on my hair.




The Application (Grease)

Before I mention the application side of this product. I must share my days of greasing my hair and why I never wanted to grease my scalp. Two words: Too Oily. Ladies have ever you tried products that explain great benefits to what it can do to your hair, but the weight of the oil deters you from wanting to apply it. Well that was my story, I never enjoyed shampooing or going to the hair salon and a good week into a nice fresh hair do my hair is oily and it’s time to clean that oil gunk out of my hair. So once I got over my days of not wanting to put grease on my hair, I gave Emu Oil a try and I must say, I had my doubts but the test was to get through a week and see what I look like. Well the results were good and even when I applied this oil to my scalp it was very light and not so greasy. I was impressed and I must admit from 2012 to today, I am only using Emu Oil. Ok now to my last and final thing that I was to discuss about  Emu Oil and to find a way to answer that question earlier in my post, I believe the best way to explain a product that I am using is to share my story in a timeline (short version of course). So, let me share with you my hair journey before I discovered Emu Oil.


9-14 years old

  • Natural Hair (Press and Comb)

15-18 years old

  • Permed, braided, weave extension and sew-ins

21-33 years old

  • Hair was thinning
  • No longer growing
  • Used several types of shampoo and hair products
  • Reverted to perming my hair again

33rd birthday day

  • Went through a stage of depression and not feeling beautiful anymore

40 – 48 years old

  • Met a friend that introduce me to Emu Oil and decided to go natural with my hair.

To not bore you with such a long-drawn story about my hair before EMU Oil, I simply wanted you all to know that I was back and forth with my hair being natural and permed. Once my hair was no longer thick or full, I would hide under different hair weaves just to look amazing, but I never knew the damage that was happening underneath it. Remember when I spoke about those ingredients like Vitamin A well my hair needed some Vitamin K too. Again, it is all in the ingredients and once I tried EMU Oil and this product that I am speaking own below has many other natural healthy ingredients for my hair. Once I saw the improvements with my hair, it was not difficult to stay on the path of healing my hair.

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