Choices Choices Choices

Choices Choices Choices

July 24, 2019

After posting several blogs about hair growth, the smell of natural hair, and taking time to fizzle all have related to questions and concerns within my own hair, scalp and skin. Since I have purchased several products from this website on numerous occasions, I am at a crossroad of trying to decide which products to pursue next. In this post, I want to focus on choosing one product that will eliminate my decision-making.

If you’re anything like me, I enjoy seeing new products displayed on this site that I get cart happy and before I know it, I have done my best to purchase all the new products that were advertised.

Even though, I know, I cannot purchase every new product on this website, I sometimes do, and I must think reasonably. So, what can I do to manage my spending habits while enjoying those unique products that I see advertise?

At this moment, I am reviewing this website and I see something new, different, and it is not a new product but a box. Laughing out loud! I know you all paused for a minute when I said: ‘A Box!’ Yes, a box, but not just any box a Butter Box.’

Previously, I mention that I am at a crossroad of trying to decide on what to pursue next that this butter box takes the word choices right out of my vocabulary that I had to write little poem about it. Read below:

The Butter Box

It’s all in the butter

Each box is captivated by

 healthy organic ingredients

 waiting to nourish my needs

It’s all in the butter

A box displaying a message: Your hair says thank you’ just for me

It’s all in the butter

filled with four amazing products inside

I can not wait to see monthly

what this box will revel to thee

It’s all in the butter

Knocking at my front door of where I reside

 It’s all in the butter

That my box has finally arrive

 and I am so surprise


On a monthly basis, I get to see what’s new in my butter box to try. This has reduced my spending habits immensely. So, my new mantra is: “Once a month works for me and there are no choices I need to see”.

What choice will you make?

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