How To Grow Back Your Edges Faster With These 5 Simple Tips

How To Grow Back Your Edges Faster With These 5 Simple Tips

November 02, 2021

Whether your edges are only starting to thin or are already pretty far gone, you can learn how to grow back your edges with the help of healthy habits, strategic hair loss cures, and the right products to reinforce the rest of your efforts. Read on for Fro Butter best tips to grow edges.

          1. Eat foods that are rich in zinc.

            In order to get a full head of hair back, you’re going to need to pamper your follicles with a healthy diet. Aside from protein and iron, something else that you need to consume plenty of is zinc. That’s because zinc is a mineral that is essential to tissue growth and repair, including when it comes to your scalp. You can get more zinc into your system by taking a supplement. Or you can eat foods that are proven to be high in zinc including eggs, legumes (chickpeas, lentils, etc.), whole grains, cashews, Greek yogurt, oysters and lamb.

          2. Drink some bone broth. Your hair is made up of protein; that’s why you need a consistent amount of it in your system. One way to do that is to consume bone broth. It’s loaded with protein, collagen and other minerals that your hair follicles need in order to thrive. You can purchase some at your local grocery store. 

          3. Decrease friction.  Protective styles, cotton scarves, wool hats—anything that keeps rubbing on your edges and dries it out in the process is something that can thin out your edges. Wrap your hair up in silk or satin scarves (they don’t dry your hair out, plus they are gentler on your hair). Avoid hats that are too tight and also make sure that there is a band inside of it that is made out of satin material; that will protect your edges better while producing less friction too.

          4. Massage edges with natural oils to keep moisturized and stimulate growth. The oils themselves stimulate growth and protect and strengthen your hair, and massaging your scalp also stimulates blood circulation and promotes growth. We recommend pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) or Fro Butter With Jamaican Black Castor Oil to promote growth and a healthy scalp!

          5. Whenever you moisturize your hair, don't neglect your edges. Dry hair increases risk of breakage, and your edges are particularly vulnerable. Give them special attention and care, and always seal in moisture to prevent them drying out and breaking.

Last but definitely not least have Patience! Growing back your edges takes time. But if you follow these steps, you'll see results. Let us know your tips for growing back edges.


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