Is Stress Killing Your Looks?

March 31, 2021

We spend a lot of time and money finding the right products to take care of our appearance.  But are we undoing that with the stress we allow in our lives?


Stress is a signal to the body it is danger.  That message is interpreted to conserve all vital nutrients for survival.  Hair, Skin, and nails are the lowest of importance in the scheme of survival.


Signs of stress on your appearance

Dull skin

Increase in lines/wrinkles

Increased hair loss

Nails may have ridges, pitting and shredding


Derail the crazy train

It starts with the mind.  Change your mindset and you can stop the pattern of stress.  

Gratitude – this takes practice but works wonders!  Notice everything you have to be grateful for.  Say them out loud or to yourself or write them…but notice them


Meditation – This does not have to be a big woo woo thing.  Find a quiet spot.  Eyes open or closed.  Breathe. Quiet your mind.  There are lots of resources to help with guided mediations – youtube is a great source.  The important thing is you cannot do it wrong.


Movement – of any kind: walking, dancing, yoga, cleaning – whatever.  Changing the state of your body helps change the state of your mind.


The important thing is to find something you can do to slow things down and refocus.

Be Well, Be Beautiful, Be You

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