July 07, 2020

Hello, my name is Spence Crosby!
I work as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I started my very own business back in May of 2018. My Company is called Building Physiques. I have a YouTube channel where I offer fitness and nutritional advice as well as workouts you can do anywhere. I specialize in calisthenics, Taekwondo, Boxing and other forms of martial arts. I been teaching my own style of martial arts for 5 years now. I also teach calisthenics and other fitness classes through a gym in my hometown. I love anime, exploring nature, being outside in the hot sun, training (a lot!!), spending time with family and viewing the night sky. I currently practice a vegan diet. I aspire to have a very successful YouTube channel, a bigger gym facility and retire teaching Capoeira in the Caribbean someday.  
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