Natural Hair - What's That Smell??

Natural Hair - What's That Smell??

June 24, 2019

Great Work Out,... But What's That Smell??

" When I was sitting in the office, I noticed a smell. Of course, I checked all areas of my body and I smelled nothing until one of my hair strings fell in front of my face and whoa. I smelled my hair."

Let's admit it. We've all skipped a workout in the hope of keeping our  hair smelling fresh for a little while longer. Sometimes, dealing with a sweaty smelling hair just isn't worth it when you have plans with friends or have no plans of fighting with "Wash Day" before the end of the work week. However swim suite season is upon us and  skipping out on gym day just to keep our hair clean isn't always the best solution. And here's a few reasons why:


Exercise vs Hair

  • When we exercise, our heart rate increases and blood flow is improved.

    This blood flow also takes place around your scalp area, which helps draw essential nutrients to your scalp. This leads to longer and stronger hair.

    Additionally, exercise increases serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is aka the happiness hormone. When the levels are increased, it helps lower stress in your body.
  • Exercise is essential not only for long-term health but also optimizing your hair growth rate.
  • Exercise boosts body health and thus promotes a strong hair growth cycle

There are plenty of clever ways to manage your hair after a sweaty workout. As always, when it comes to natural  hair, it’s all about experimenting and figuring out what works best for you. At the end of the day, no one ever regretted working out, so sweat away proudly and know that you're working on a healthy body and hair from the inside out. In the meantime, we recommend our alcohol free hair perfume Fro Fresh Hair Perfume. It is 100% Natural and free from: Sulfates, silicone, paraben, phthalate, formaldehyde, salt, petrolatum and mineral oil to leave hair smelling clean and fresh—no washing required. And now, you’re off — with your gym bag as the only sign that you're coming from a good  workout.



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