Take time to Fizzle Sis!

Take time to Fizzle Sis!

July 01, 2019


Four Reasons To Start Using Bath Bombs

Bubbles and fizz are undeniably fun. Everyone – no matter what their age! – loves watching the colorful, foamy display when a bath bomb is dropped in the tub. But the real magic of these home-spa sensations goes beyond the ordinary visual. Thanks to a few natural ingredients like coconut oil and sweet-smelling essential oils, your skin soaks up mega moisture and your senses are treated to a sweet getaway. Shop Now

If you haven’t yet discovered bath bombs, you’re in for a real soothing treat. Bath bombs are little round or square “bombs” that fizz when you drop them into water. The fizz is brought on by a combination of Epsom salts, citric acid, and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) — the basic ingredients of a bath bomb. However, there’s a lot more to love about a bath bomb than the fizz. Bath bombs, of course, have remarkable cleansing effects, and they help clean the body without all the manual work of a routine bath. More than this, though, bath bombs can be used to heal and nourish the skin, as well as to calm the mind to that state of equilibrium and well-being that aromatherapies can invoke. And, still, that is not all. There are at least four other reasons why you should start using bath bombs:

#1 Your Body Gets Pampered

When you use natural and healthful bath bombs that contain ingredients such as coconut oil and some essential oils, your skin gets pampered in a way that you never imagined it could while taking a soak in the tub. Speaking of coconut oil, it relieves inflammation and kills bacteria. As for some of the essential oils, the most varied ingredient in natural bath bombs to help relieve tension or rid your body of aches and pains can also provide all different kinds of aromatherapy, not to mention a lovely scent while you’re soaking in your own tub with a bath bomb. Well there you have it. Those are the kind of ingredients that can truly help pamper your body while you sit back and let the bath bomb do its work.

#2 There so Fun that kids like it!

Let’s face it. You’re not exactly immune to having a little fun in the tub, right? You might even have a little rubber ducky sitting in the corner of the bathroom to remind you of your carefree days of youth. Even though fancy bottles of bubble bath are okay to pour into the tub, they don’t give you that fun little fizz you get when you drop a bath bomb into the tub. Bath bombs look beautiful when they’re sitting in a clear jar on your bathroom stand. And as soon as you plunge one in the tub, all the excitement begins, and you can enjoy watching the fizzy bubbles come to the surface like a fine glass of sparkling wine. Incidentally, a glass of sparkling wine goes great with a soak in the tub with a bath bomb! Your tub time is your time to indulge yourself a little, so why not drop in a bath bomb and have a little fun!

#3 There Easy to Use.

When you want to soak in the tub and unwind after a long day at work, the last thing you need is another job. A bath bomb doesn't require any effort on your part. You can just start yourself a nice warm bath, unwrap the bath bomb, and drop it directly into the water. There’s no measuring, no unscrewing a cap and then having to screw it back on. In fact, you could even use it with one hand!

#4 It Creates a Spa-Like Moment

What better way to relax and unwind than to spend a day at the spa? But you can’t always make it to the spa, so why not enjoy a spa-like moment at home in your own tub? With a bath bomb, you’re already halfway there. Now all you need is some low-key instrument music playing in the background, some candles arranged around the bathroom, and some freshly laundered towels ready to dry you off after your at-home spa moment. Bath bombs have those essential oils, so as soon as you drop one in the tub, your entire bathroom will be filled with the heavenly, natural scent of whichever kind you’ve chosen to enjoy that evening. A bath bomb is so easy to use, why not create that spa-like moment as often as you can? You deserve to be treated well and using a bath bomb is an easy and affordable way to spoil your body, create a fun atmosphere, make bath time easy, and feel like you’re at a spa — all in the comfort of your own home. There’s no reason not to start using bath bombs now. For best results, build up an assortment of bath bombs so you’ll always be ready when the time is right for you.



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