Wellness Wednesday With Tracy Brock

Wellness Wednesday With Tracy Brock

March 09, 2021

Hiya! Tracy here and I am so excited to partner with Fro Butter to bring you wellness topics of all kinds.

March is National Women’s History Month.  And Ladies…We have crushed it throughout history.  

Because so many of us ladies are inclined to take on more and more and put ourselves at the bottom of the to do list, I want to talk a minute about the value of self-care. Taking care of you is vital to your health, stress level, and over all happiness!!


5 Simple steps to take care of YOU:

  1. Make yourself a priority – you matter girl!
  2. You do not have to be everything to everyone – you are not cake!
  3. Do something that brings you joy, shoot for daily – it does not have to be something big that has to be planned and budgeted.  It can be anything…coffee with your bestie, quiet time in the morning, watching your favorite mindless tv show.
  4. Schedule time for yourself – not after you are poured out and drained
  5. Taking time for you brings more balance and peace into your life and allows you to show up differently for those you love

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It is only when we stop
That we can encounter life.
When we stop, body and mind can reunite, and
Then we can experience
Their oneness.
-Thich Nhat Hanh

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