Why is My Beard Itchy?

Why is My Beard Itchy?

September 03, 2021


Why is My Beard Itchy?

An itchy beard is that irritating sensation. It is enough to drive some men so crazy that they’d rather shave it off then to endure another itching moment.

But hold on, King. Put the razor down because there are solutions to the maddening itching. Don’t give up on your beard but allow it to achieve its full glory. Here are a few tips to help banish the itch for good by changing a little of your daily grooming routine.

1. Wash and Clean Your Beard

Just like the hair on your head needs cleaning, so does the beard. Wash your beard by using a chemical free shampoo that is 100% natural, eliminates residue, gently but thoroughly cleans and leaves hair clarified, hydrated and nice.

Since human skin sheds thousands of dead skin cells daily, beards can easily catch these cells which causes it to rub against the skin as the hair grows and cause irritation. Washing your beard will remove dead cells and keep your skin nice and clean.

2.  Moisturize Your Beard

If your beard hairs are already long and you’re still suffering from persistent itchiness, then there is a chance that this is the result of damaged hair follicles. Damaged hair can cause a slowdown in growth and will likely travel down the hair follicles to the skin where it starts to cause an annoyance.

Damaged hair is largely caused by the ignoring dry hair. Moisturizing daily with a good beard oil will keep your hair follicles nourished and soft, minimizing your chances of getting more  split ends or causing more damage to your hair. For other helpful dry hair tips check out: How to keep natural hair from drying out.


Many men underestimate just how important conditioners are. By conditioning your beard, this help lock in much needed moisture directly into the hair follicles, keeping them soft and nourished for a long period of time. We advise that with each shampooing session, a conditioner should follow to keep your beard and the skin beneath it nice and soft.

Now, we know there are plenty of solutions for resolving beard itch. During your beard journey, we hope some of these grooming routines will help you stay on track to grow the kind of beard you’ve always wanted.

Let us know if this helped any! Email us or comment below with any additional questions or tips you use.

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