Meet Our CEO


About Susana Walas

When Susana started her business, she was in the process of dissolving a marriage that left her a 25 year old single mother with four kids and very little work experience or financial resources. In an effort to make ends meet she started posting ads and braiding clients hair in her living room. 

“I initially started doing hair just to make ends meet, that was when I discovered that most people did not take the time to pay attention to the ingredients in their hair products.” As a naturalista, Susana knew that quality ingredients matter, she also knew that everyday staples such as shampoo and hair grease could contain harmful elements such as sulfates, sodium chloride and silicone. " So many of my clients wanted to experiment with natural oils and herb, but they had no clue where to start." This was the birth of Fro Butter. 


Island girl to her core. Susana was born in St. Andrews Jamaica, where herbs, oils, and spices grows wild in abundance. "I still can remember my mother and grandmother "Mama J", making full use of these naturally grown products as cures and antidotes for all sorts of ailments and beautification purposes."  The idea of using naturally grown products to enhance life had always remained with her as this was a very vibrant part of her culture and tradition. Even now as a mother, she makes full use of these beneficial herbs and oils to care for and protect her entire family. Susana takes pride in the knowledge she has gained and is delighted to share what she have learned along the way with you and your family.

I founded Fro Butter because I wanted safe, effective products that outperformed the generic brands. I believe you shouldn't have to choose between what works and what's healthy for your hair and skin."