Monique Billings. 

Monique is a forward for the Atlanta Dream. Outside of basketball she is interested in modeling and anything related to fashion, trying new food spots, and going to the beach!

She recently launched her very own YouTube channel where you can get to know more about her. Don't forget to subscribe!


Hannah Childress

Hannah is a honors undergraduate student at Howard University. She recently did her big chop on June 15, 2018, before moving onto campus. Here is what she had to say about what inspires her to be an advocate for natural hair. 
" Throughout the process of growing healthy hair, I needed a product that would keep my scalp along with my hair moisturized. I came across Fro Butter, and the first thing that caught my attention was the ingredients. All the ingredients were strictly oils that are known for stimulation and health. I ordered the Emu Oil, Hair Growth Butter. Healthy growing hair is my motive, and I never knew that in my process I would inspire people to take action for what is best for their physical means."  
Connect: IG @hannahchil